Cash Advances

Cash advances are gaining in popularity, but they should not all be trusted. Believe it or not, some cash advances are out to get you!

Cash Advances

Why do we fear these services? Its just money, and we've been taught that money isn't everything - right?

Lending - an equal opportunity resource

Just like this American life, short-term lenders do not discriminate. Truth is, these services have quite low standards and virtually anyone can qualify for their aid. You need only have a job and be employed for most lenders to essentially hand you a few hundred dollars. That fact has helped make payday loan stores among the fastest growing financial services in America. As of press time, they pull in about $40 billion each and every year.

Just 10 short years ago there was no such thing as online lending, now there are more than 22,000 lenders offering their services to the masses. And the masses are jumping at the opportunity to take out a small loan at interest rates of 500% and higher! With only about 1% of the borrowers paying back loans on time, it is no wonder that the industry is making such a hefty profit. A better question is why are so many people willing to pay so much for the privilege of taking out cash advances?

Instant financial gratification

Most people of this most recent generation have probably never heard the term "delayed gratification", and if they have and actually understood its meaning then they were sure to have scoffed at the idea. "Why wait?" and " I want it now!" are the battle cries of the over-privileged who will soon be taking over this radiant universe. Herein lies the heart, the very core of the attraction to borrowing. A cash loan instantly answers the cries of all - who want it all - today.

You'll pay for that!

You see, the short-term loan of today has become so attractive because it listens to the people and delivers to them exactly what they demand. One needs only go online and fill out an application for loans. Within minutes you get a response and within 24 hours there will be more funds in your account! Same day or overnight loans are your options, and speed is the game! There is no time to even think about borrowing until its too late and you realize that the money wasn't free. You need to repay your debts very soon, and you might not have needed it to begin with.

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